custom painting, airbrushing...

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If You ever thinking about making Your motorcycle  look outstanding the custom painting is the answer. But it must be the right quality.

Please have a look on some examples done by my friend Gregor. They are to be seen in my workshop but there are more if You would like to visit his own place of work. He is able to paint almost anything You ask for. 

His website is coming to life slowly but You welcome to contact him by e-mail; or by phone; Gregor (Grzes) 07757647550

motorcycle collection service.

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We offer the possibility of collecting motorcycles or scooters in order to help our customer put their beloved two wheels back on the road, regardless it is brake down or just lack of tax or insurance unabling  You to ride personally. We are able to put a MOT on Your bike. This is done indirectly due we are not a MOT station.


For more info call Cezary on 07710666764


Please make a note that it is not 24/7 motorcycles recovery.